March 15, 2017

I have moved 18 times with my husband, and eventually our growing family, during the almost 38  years we have been married. He was a Naval Flight Officer, the 'backseater' in an F-14 Tomcat, and later was sent to learn a completely new aircraft, the E-2, of which he commanded a Squadron in the late 1990's. 

So...I moved from city to city, coast to coast to coast and back again...cultivating friendships, many lifelong, and working at raising our family of four children, two of them physically and mentally challenged, all four of our children are in adulthood themselves at this point.

Along the way I also forged a path for myself, to give myself an identity beyond being "The Skipper's Wife" or "Blair/Trip/Andrew/Caroline's mom." It has been both difficult and rewarding, satisfying and frustrating. It would have been much easier to just concentrate on being 'just a Navy wife' or 'just a mom,' especially with the youngest two children who present such challenges to our family. But that's not me. I couldn't be 'just.....' I felt that God has given me a talent and that I needed to pursue the path that God called me on. 

But I understand the need and desire for sharing on social media, and I never, ever thought I would have a BLOG! But here I am, trying to say something pertinent. So feel free to let me know how irrelevant you think this is, ha ha! You won't hurt my feelings, I promise! 

I graduated from a prestigious art school, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, and I can promise you that after that experience, where we had Portfolio Reviews to determine whether we passed an entire semester or not, reviewed by two student peers and two instructors,  and a weekly review of our latest work each class session....believe me, it could be unless you are threatening my life or that of my family and friends, I won't take your comments here personally.